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Intel Broadwell lineup features

The next Intel microarchitecture, codenamed "Broadwell", will be mostly aimed at mobile computers, and will offer increased CPU and GPU performance, along with significant power savings. The first mobile processors to switch to new architecture will be "H", "U" and "Y" types. Because Broadwell products will be released in the second half of 2014, it is too early to talk about specific model numbers and frequencies, however we already have preliminary information on some Broadwell lineup features.

H-series high-performance processors will be available as one- and two-chip platforms. 2-chip versions will feature 4 CPU cores, GT3e or GT2 graphics (depending on SKU), up to 6 MB of last level cache, and they will work with DDR3L-1600 memory. The parts will have 47 Watt Thermal Design Power, although some models will support configurable TDP, that will allow them to operate in the 37 Watt thermal envelope. 2-chip "H" microprocessors will be paired with HM86, HM87, and QM87 Haswell chipsets, as well as with new HM97 chipset.

One-chip version of H-series systems on a chip (SoC) will integrate Broadwell PCH-LP chipset. They will also have 4 CPU cores, GT3e GPU, up to 6 MB of cache, and 47 Watt TDP. The processors will support up to 32 GB of DDR3L-1600 memory.

Ultra low-power "U" and "Y" SoCs will be offered only as a 1-chip platform. They will incorporate 2 CPU cores and up to 4 MB of last level cache. "U" models will support up to 16 GB of DDR3L-1600, or up to 8 GB of LPDDR3-1600 memory. They will have 15 Watt and 28 Watt TDP. 15 Watt Core-branded processors will come with GT3 and GT2 graphics, whereas Celeron and Pentium SKUs will be limited to GT1 GPU. 28 Watt chips will be available only with GT3 graphics unit, and they will be offered only as Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 products.

The most interesting from the Broadwell lineup are "Y" ultra low power SoCs. These parts will fit into 4.5 Watt thermal envelope, and will have 3.5 Watt configurable TDP on some SKUs. The chips are going to have 2 CPU cores, GT2 GPU, and up 4 MB of last level cache. The processors will work with LPDDR3-1600 memory, and will support up to 8 GB of RAM.

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There are 18 comments posted


2013-12-11 08:26:49
Posted by: Anonymous

"8 MB of LPDDR3-1600 memory" Gigabytes, surely?


2013-12-11 13:54:06
Posted by: gshv

I changed it to "8 GB". Thank you for the correction!


2014-02-01 03:20:23
Posted by: Thue

8 GiB surely?

Graphics on Broadwell & Cherry Trail 16 EU

2013-12-11 09:46:52
Posted by: Hardware-Fan

Hey CPU-World!

Are there any further hints about graphics in Broadwell?

Is GT2 still 20 EU, and GT3 still 40 EU like in Haswell? Or are there more EU? What about a rumored GT4 Version?

(My Guess: Maybe GT1 is 16 EU, GT2 32 EU and GT3 64 EU since Cherry Trail will come out with 16 EU next year which could be the GT1....)

Would be awesome if you could find out anything on the graphics front in Broadwell!

Btw this could be worth a seperate news with information on cherry Trail and Gen8 Graphics which should be in Broadwell too:

Just google "cherry trail 16eu" and you land on an article from vr-zone with slides from intel which state that they have 16EU. (up from 4EU in Bay Trail)


1-chip platform

2013-12-12 04:09:40
Posted by: Question

Does this mean a real SoC (PCH on die) or a MCM like HSW ULT/ULX with CPU and PCH on one package?


2013-12-12 04:16:22
Posted by: jdubs

u/y series will be one chip solutions.


2013-12-12 05:02:53
Posted by: Question

Intel showed off a Broadell-ULX as a MCM at IDF 2013, so I expect no SoC and that's why I ask.


2013-12-12 10:51:35
Posted by: DavidC1

It won't change then. What you see at IDF is what you will get because such decisions takes 2-3 years.

So its kind of a redundant question.


2013-12-12 11:40:14
Posted by: Mister123

Yes it is a MCM! (2 Chips on one substrate like Haswell ULT)

But what is about graphics on Broadwell?

Is there an improvement in performance?

Or does GT2 and GT3 in Broadwell have the same amout of EU as in Haswell?


2014-03-01 01:42:02
Posted by: Ryan

GT3 will have 48EUs, improvements in performance are definite, they have likely focused more on this than the CPU performance.


2013-12-12 14:45:09
Posted by: gshv

It's a multi-chip package with 2 dies


2013-12-12 17:29:45
Posted by: Gonzales

Extremely disappointed no DDR4 support, will wait for Skylake straight. The fault is on the market adoption too, though.


2013-12-12 19:24:38
Posted by: klm

Broadwell has some DDR4 SKUs but they are not ready before end of 2014/early 2015 as far as I know. DDR4 itself needs time.

DDR4 on Broadwell

2013-12-13 05:13:21
Posted by: DDR4

So does it mean that the new HM97 chipset is the one that supports DDR4 then?

But does this make sense?

Why would Intel bring up Broadwell with DDR4 in Dec2014/Jan2015 when Intel is bringing out Skylake with DDR4-2400 in June 2015?


2013-12-13 09:53:57
Posted by: klm

Desktop Broadwell-K probably not DDR4. Certain mobile SKUs only.

DDR4 on Broadwell

2013-12-16 02:47:10
Posted by: DDR4

So these certain modells with DDR4:

Are these some high performance products, propably with a GT4 graphics? (which need higher memory-bandwidth)

Or are these for ULX (Y-Series) to further reduce power consumption?

What i am wondering is, why are there no GT3e parts for the 28Watt class, since the Haswell GT3 is already bandwidth limited?

Broadwell + DDR4 = Braswell

2013-12-18 03:08:23
Posted by: DDR4

Are these DDR4 variations of Broadwell called Braswell?

8 series chipset are not supportted by broadwell

2014-06-29 04:21:44
Posted by: jacky

only z97 and h97

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