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AMD to launch A4-4020 APU, desktop Athlon and Sempron SoCs

Recently leaked AMD desktop roadmap stated that next year the company will introduce low power "Kabini" systems on a chip (SoC), and release new mainstream APUs, based on "Kaveri" core. Only quad-core "Kaveri" products will be available at launch, and dual-core mainstream processors will be built using older "Richland" core. Prices and brief specs of all these microprocessors were published last week by, they also revealed new A4-4020 "Richland" SKU. More detailed specs of "Kabini" APUs were reported by ProHardware at the end of last month.

Earlier this month we published partial specifications and pre-order prices of upcoming A4-6320 and A4-6420K "Richland" processors, that were spotted in some US online stores. Both parts have 2 CPU cores and 1 MB of L2 cache. The A6-6420K has the maximum clock speed of 4.2 GHz, and the A4-6320 has the maximum frequency of 4 GHz. These clocks are 100 MHz, or 2.5% higher than the frequencies of current A4-6300 and A6-6400K models. The A4-6320 and A6-6420K microprocessors will be priced at $62 and $48 respectively.

New entry-level "Richland" SKU will be an A4-4020, that will succeed the A4-4000. Both the 4000 and 4020 have 2 CPU cores and 1 MB L2 cache, but the A4-4020 is 200 MHz faster, which should result in up to 6% better performance. The APU will cost $40.

Low power desktop systems on a chip, based on "Kabini" core, will be similar to previously launched "Kabini" APUs in BGA package with a few notable differences. First of all, E1-/E2-Series processors on desktop will be branded as Sempron, and A4/A6-Series will be marketed as Athlon. Second, desktop APUs will use socket FS1b, and it will be easy enough to upgrade or replace them. Because "Kabini" SoCs integrate chipset logic, by upgrading the CPU it would be possible, at least theoretically, to upgrade the chipset. Obviously, it depends on whether AMD is going to produce new socket FS1b microprocessors with different chipset features or not. Finally, Athlons will come with slightly higher clock speeds than currently available "Kabini" products.

Two new Athlon-branded systems on a chip are going to be a 5150 and a 5350, both having 4 CPU cores and 2 MB L2 cache. The Athlons integrate HD 8400 graphics unit with 128 Radeon cores, clocked at 600 MHz. The processors support DDR3-1600 memory and fit into 25 Watt thermal envelope. The 5150 runs at 1.6 GHz, and the 5350 operates at 2.05 GHz. The official prices of these SKUs are $45 and $54. According to published slides, the 5350 SoC has 14% lower PCMark8 score, and 30% higher 3DMark Firestrike score than the Pentium G2020, which costs about the same.

Sempron line of SoCs will consist of a quad-core 3850 SKU and a dual-core 2650. The 3850 has 1.3 GHz operating frequency, 2 MB cache, and HD 8280 GPU, clocked at 450 MHz. This model is priced at $39, that is on a par with Celeron G1610. Performance-wise, the Sempron 3850 is 20% slower in PCMark8 benchmarks, and a few percent faster in 3DMark Firestrike and BasemarkCL than the G1610.

The Sempron 2650 has smaller 1 MB cache, and HD 8240 graphics, running at 400 MHz. This SKU runs at 1.4 GHz, and its official price is $35.

New "Richland" parts will be introduced on January 14. Athlon and Sempron "Kabini" products will launch in March 2014. Known specs of all parts are presented in the table below:

ModelCoresFrequency /
GraphicsGPU FrequencyTDPPrice
A4-4020 2 3.2 / 3.4 GHz 1 MB FM2 HD 7xxx No data 65W $40
A4-6320 2 3.8 / 4 GHz 1 MB FM2 HD 8xxx No data 65W $48
A6-6420K 2 4 / 4.2 GHz 1 MB FM2 HD 8xxx No data 65W $62
Athlon 5150 4 1.6 GHz 2 MB FS1b HD 8400 600 MHz 25W $45
Athlon 5350 4 2.05 GHz 2 MB FS1b HD 8400 600 MHz 25W $54
Sempron 2650 2 1.4 GHz 1 MB FS1b HD 8240 400 MHz 25W $35
Sempron 3850 4 1.3 GHz 2 MB FS1b HD 8280 450 MHz 25W $39

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