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Intel to refresh Haswell desktop lineup in Q2 2014

Rather than transitioning to new architecture this year, Intel plans to refresh current desktop lineup with slightly faster versions of Haswell-based CPUs. We already reported on Core i5-4460, i5-4590, i5-4690 and Core i7-4790 parts, coming in Q2 2014. According to Digitimes, the refresh will not be limited to Core i5 and i7 products, and we will see new Core i3, Pentium and Celerons as well.

Overall, Intel plans to launch about 20 different SKUs. New model numbers, mentioned by Digitimes, are standard-power Celeron G1840, Pentium G3450 and Core i3-4360, along with energy-efficient Core i3-4150T, Core i5-4590S and Core i7-4790S. The processors are expected to have higher clock speeds, but they will not have any new features. The CPUs should be available in retail in May. They will be compatible with existing 8-series and new 9-series chipsets. The 9-series will consist of H97 and Z97 chipsets, that will start shipping in April 2014.

Haswell Refresh products with unlocked multiplier, or "K" versions, will be launched in the third quarter. Also in Q3, Intel is going to release Haswell-E extreme microprocessors.

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There are 4 comments posted

K Overclocking must be better

2014-01-14 17:22:31
Posted by: AMDIntel_Fan

As someone who lost out on the silicon lottery (4760K can do 4.2Ghz @ stock volts, 4.3Ghz with huge volt increase, nothing over 4.3Ghz, watercooled) I really hope that the mixed bag of overclocking results with this refresh improves. I was originally hoping for 4.5Ghz with a minor voltage bump (equil to ~ 4.7Ghz Ivy, ~4.9Ghz Sandy).

I totally get that results will vary, though from all the reports the results were too varied. We need better OC'ing like we have had in the past.


2014-01-14 23:37:51
Posted by: .

This will only happen if AMD manage to give Intel some pressure in the high end


2014-01-15 00:35:55
Posted by: AMDIntel_Fan

...which they won't in 2014 while they're playing the APU angle and no worrying about a GPU-less top tier CPU to rival Intel's i7.

Yes, I get why they're going down the APU track. Go after mainstream, that's where the money is. Why I don't get is why they can't cater for those that don't care about the IGP. >50% of Kaveri is the GPU. Wasted space as soon as you throw a decent graphics card to hit proper frames per second @ 1080p with max details (not to mention 120+hz screens or 1440p). Halo products people, HALO PRODUCTS.

I still love AMD, though I'm buying/recommending Intel unless they're gaming and only want an IGP setup (mini-itx). How big is that audience? Maybe home build SteamBoxes using the smallest cases. Apart from that I can't think of a reason not to go Intel + Intel IGP for a media centre, basic home PC or adding a graphics card for a gaming PC.

stil i7 Cores

2014-01-16 18:52:26
Posted by: amd fan uk

No i8 Intel Core yet lol

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