Intel plans more Bay Trail-T processors for tablets

As was reported by Digitimes in December, Intel is going to release budget versions of Bay Trail-T systems on a chip (SoC) later this year. Model numbers and possible launch window of these processors were revealed by an Emdoor OEM manufacturer roadmap, published by Based on the roadmap, in the course of the first half of 2014 Intel will launch Atom Z3735 and Z3775 series models, covering different tablet price points.

Intel Z3775D will be aimed at $200+ segment, and it will used in Windows 8 and Android based devices. The roadmap states that the Z3775D chips, or devices based on them, will be available at the end of the Q1 2014.

Also in the first quarter, Intel will launch Atom Z3735D and Z3735E. Both Atom processors will support Android operating system, and target $149 - $199 market segment.

At the end of Q2 or at the beginning of Q3 we may see Atom Z3735F and Z3735G systems on a chip. They will be used in Android devices, priced from $99 to $149.

Next generation of tablets, based on "Cherry Trail" processors, will be available in Q4 2014.

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