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Intel mobile CPU roadmap for 2014

DigiTimes last week reported that the next generation of Intel processors, built on Broadwell 14nm architecture, was delayed. The Broadwell processors were scheduled to launch in Q3 2014. However, due to slow sales of Haswell-based products, the Broadwell parts were pushed back by one quarter, and the current plan is to launch priority SKUs in the fourth quarter of the year, while the remaining models will be available in Q1 2015. Today VR-Zone revealed more detailed information on a launch schedule of mobile CPUs, that confirmed DigiTimes' report.

The latest Intel roadmap shows several Haswell Refresh models in the second quarter, including Core i5-4310M, i5-4340M, Core i7-4610M, i7-4810MQ, i7-4910MQ and i7-4940MX. As you may know, these SKUs surfaced in Intel's official pricelist last month. At this time the processors are listed as launched in Intel's ARK product database.

More new mainstream mobile products will be released in the third quarter. That includes Celeron 2970M, Pentium 3560M, Core i3-4010M, i3-4110M, Core i5-4210M, Core i7-4710MQ and i7-4712MQ. Furthermore, Intel is going to launch Core i7-4710HQ, i7-4712HQ and i7-4760HQ "H" high power processors.

In the third quarter we will also see a handful of ultra-low power CPUs for ultrabooks and thin and light notebooks. The "Y" series, comprised of microprocessors with 11.5 Watt TDP, will be expanded with Core i3-4030Y and i5-4220Y SKUs. Core i3-4025U, i3-4030U, i3-4120U, Core i5-4210U and i5-4260U models will be added to the 15 Watt "U" series. No new 28 Watt "U" models will launch in the third quarter, but that may change in Q4.

In Q4 2014, Core i3-4120U, Core i5-4210U and i5-4310U will be replaced by Broadwell parts. The rest of the i3 and i5 "U" mobile lineups will be transitioned to Broadwell architecture only in Q1 2015.

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