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Some details of "Haswell Refresh" desktop CPUs

Next quarter Intel is going to launch a bit faster models of Haswell-based processors for LGA1150 platform. It is expected that the company will refresh complete desktop lineup, starting from low cost Celeron microprocessors and up to premium Core i7 CPUs. All in all, more than 20 different SKUs will be released. We already reported on some of these models, but now we have a complete, or almost complete list of these processors, including their clock speeds.

With a few exceptions mentioned further below, most of "Haswell Refresh" microprocessors offer 100 MHz higher clock speeds over their predecessors. The rest of the specs of upcoming chips should be identical to existing SKUs.

Current Celeron G1820, G1820T and G1830, that have been on the market since last December, will be succeeded by G1840, G1840T and G1850 SKUs.

"Haswell Refresh" Pentiums are G3240, G3240T, G3440, G3440T and G3450. These pats are going to take place of Pentium G3220, G3220T, G3420, G3420T and G3430.

Core i3-4xxx series currently consists of i3-4130T and i3-4330T low-power chips, along with i3-4130, i3-4330 and i3-4340 standard power chips. The new Core i3 CPUs will be 100 MHz faster, and they will have i3-4150T, i3-4350T, i3-4150, i3-4350 and i3-4360 model numbers.

Core i5 family will be expanded with i5-4460, i5-4460S, i5-4460T, i5-4590, i5-4590S, i5-4590T, i5-4690, i5-4690S and i5-4690T models. The i5-4460T is a new SKU, that will have 4 CPU cores, 1.9 GHz operating frequency and 6 MB L3 cache. The i5-4590T will also have 4 cores and 6 MB of last level cache, but it runs at 2 GHz. The i5-4690T will be clocked at 2.5 GHz, or 200 MHz higher than the i5-4570T.

New Core i7 processors are i7-4785T, i7-4790, i7-4790S and i7-4790T. The i7-4785T and i7-4790T have 200 MHz higher clocks than the i7-4765T and i7-4770T. The Core i7-4790 and i7-4790S models are 100 MHz faster than the i7-4771 and i7-4770S.

Known specifications of Haswell Refresh desktop CPUs are provided below:

ModelCoresThreadsFrequencyL3 cache
Celeron G1840 2 2 2.8 GHz 2 MB
Celeron G1840T 2 2 2.5 GHz 2 MB
Celeron G1850 2 2 2.9 GHz 2 MB
Core i3-4150 2 4 3.5 GHz 3 MB
Core i3-4150T 2 4 3 GHz 3 MB
Core i3-4350 2 4 3.6 GHz 4 MB
Core i3-4350T 2 4 3.1 GHz 4 MB
Core i3-4360 2 4 3.7 GHz 4 MB
Core i5-4460 4 4 3.2 GHz 6 MB
Core i5-4460S 4 4 2.9 GHz 6 MB
Core i5-4460T 4 4 1.9 GHz 6 MB
Core i5-4590 4 4 3.3 GHz 6 MB
Core i5-4590S 4 4 3 GHz 6 MB
Core i5-4590T 4 4 2 GHz 6 MB
Core i5-4690 4 4 3.5 GHz 6 MB
Core i5-4690S 4 4 3.2 GHz 6 MB
Core i5-4690T 4 4 2.5 GHz 6 MB
Core i7-4785T 4 8 2.2 GHz 8 MB
Core i7-4790 4 8 3.6 GHz 8 MB
Core i7-4790S 4 8 3.2 GHz 8 MB
Core i7-4790T 4 8 2.7 GHz 8 MB
Pentium G3240 2 2 3.1 GHz 3 MB
Pentium G3240T 2 2 2.7 GHz 3 MB
Pentium G3440 2 2 3.3 GHz 3 MB
Pentium G3440T 2 2 2.8 GHz 3 MB
Pentium G3450 2 2 3.4 GHz 3 MB

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There are 3 comments posted


2014-02-19 07:32:19
Posted by: Sercan

This CPU's support H265 (hevc) hardware decoding?


2014-02-19 13:12:26
Posted by: dr.


They might support it thru OpenCL
but hardware decoding and encoding
will only come after licensing is all set.
Will take couple more year.

Not even Broadwell will support H265 in the hardware.


2014-02-20 10:21:40
Posted by: amd fan uk

CoreAVC H.264 Video Decoder saves cpu time

H256 4k hmm next generation video codec
UHD not ready yet.. give it 1yr for testing

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