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Pre-order prices of Haswell Refresh desktop CPUs

Last year Intel launched first "Haswell" desktop processors, that boosted performance of the CPU side by up to 10%, and significantly raised performance of the integrated GPU. This year will be less exciting as the company does not plan to introduce new desktop architecture. Instead, Intel will offer products, based on a year-old Haswell core. Preliminary specs of "Haswell" refresh CPUs indicate that almost all of them will have 100 MHz higher clock rate compared to their predecessors, and the maximum Turbo Boost frequency will be also increased by 100 MHz on Core i5 and i7 SKUs. For that reason we do not expect any major improvements in performance from that refresh. Based on some reports, the refresh will start in Q2 2014, and it will consist of more than 20 Celeron, Pentium and Core desktop models. Many of them are already available for pre-order in US:

Pre-order prices of Haswell Refresh desktop CPUs

ShopBLT online store currently lists 10 upcoming Haswell CPUs. Celeron G1840 and G1850 are priced at $48 and $59. Pentium G3240 and G3440 can be pre-ordered for $71 and $91. Core i3-4150, i3-4350, and i3-4360 are offered for $133, $155 and $166. Core i5-4590 and i5-4690 are sold for $213 and $235. What is interesting is that the pre-order prices of future Celeron, Pentium and Core i3/i5 SKUs are almost identical to prices of their predecessors in the same store. The flagship Core i7-4790 is available for $326, which is on a par with the price of the Core i7-4770. Based on the pre-order prices, we suspect that the official prices of refresh SKUs will be identical to current Haswell processors.

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