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AMD Athlon 5150 and 5350 APUs are available in US

Picture of an Athlon 5350 box
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At the beginning of this month AMD announced socket AM1 platform, that would bring "Kabini" Accelerated Processing units to desktop computers. New feature of socket AM1-compatible parts is a PGA packaging, that should make it easier to build a low power system with desired board features and performance, not to mention an ability to upgrade such system in the future. The processors will be branded as Athlon and Sempron, have 2 or 4 CPU cores, and operate at frequencies at up to 2.05 GHz. It is expected that "Kabini" desktop APUs will have lower performance than socket FM2 processors, but they will also cost less. Other advantages of socket AM1 chips are ultra low power consumption and smaller footprint, which should make them ideal for HTPCs, home servers, and other always-on systems. The "Kabini" Accelerated Units will be available in stores on April 9, but some online shops already started shipping them:

Picture of an Athlon 5350 APU
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AMD plans to release two models, dubbed as Athlon 5150 and Athlon 5350, and clocked at 1.6 GHz and 2.05 GHz. Both are quad-core APUs with 2 MB L2 cache and integrated Radeon HD 8400 graphics. The processors support AES and AVX instructions. The HD 8400 GPU has 128 Radeon cores, and runs at 600 MHz. Athlon 5150 and 5350 come with an on-chip memory controller, that supports up to 16 GB of DDR3L-1600 memory, although the controller has only one memory channel. The APUs have 25 Watt TDP, as a result they do not require large heatsinks like their socket FM2 counterparts:

Stock heatsink for the Athlon 5350 APU

The processors are produced in a PGA package, that works in socket AM1 (socket FS1b) motherboards. The AM1/FS1b package is not compatible with socket FM2, and in fact it is smaller and has different pinout (Socket AM1 is on the left, Socket FM2 is on the right):

Socket AM1 chip is on the left, Socket FM2 chip is on the right
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Based on preliminary information, the official prices of Athlon 5150 and Athlon 5350 APUs will be $45 and $54, and their current retail prices start at $50 and $60 respectively. As much as we can tell none of socket AM1 boards are available in US for sale yet.

Athlon 5150 4 1.6 GHz 2 MB HD 8400 600 MHz DDR3L-1600 25W $45
Athlon 5350 4 2.05 GHz 2 MB HD 8400 600 MHz DDR3L-1600 25W $54

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pricing should be lower

2014-03-24 04:36:29
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forums.anandtech .com/showthread.php?t=2374795

this member did a mini-review and claims that the top end sku costs 25 euro which is about $35 USD

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