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More details on Skylake processors

Next year Intel is expected to introduce Skylake, a completely new x86 microarchitecture, fabricated on 14 nm technology. Skylake CPus will have a number of improvements, the most major ones being DDR4 memory support and beefed up graphics unit. Two weeks ago we reported on features of integrated Skylake graphics, and now we have some insight on memory support and TDP of future processors. The information is more than a month old, but we believe that most of it still holds true.

As we mentioned in our last article, there will be 4 variations of Skylake products: "U" and "Y" ultra low power systems on a chip, "H" high-performance processors for mobile and AIO markets, and "S" desktop CPUs. The former two variations will integrate a Skylake Platform Controller Hub (PCH) on the package, and the latter two are two-chip solutions, i.e. they will require an external PCH chip. To communicate with the PCH, the "H" and "S" CPUs will come with DMI 3.0 interface, that will feature higher transfer data rates than current DMI 2.0, up to 8 GT/s. All Skylake microprocessors will have a dual-channel memory controller, that will support 1 DIMM per channel for "U" and "Y" products, and up to 2 DIMMs per channel for "H" and "S" products.

The "U" and Y" SoCs will have 2 CPU cores, and support LPDDR3 memory up to 1600 MHz. The "Y" processors are going to have GT2 GPU and 4 Watt TDP. The "U" parts with GT2 graphics will be available with 15 Watt TDP, and the "U" parts with GT3 graphics and 64 MB eDRAM will be rated at 15 Watt and 28 Watt TDP. In addition to LPDDR3, the "U" SoCs will also support DDR3L/DDR3L-RS memory with data rates up to 1600 MHz.

The "H" high-performance CPUs are going to have 4 CPU cores, and GT2 or GT4e graphics. The parts with GT2 graphics will have 35 Watt and 45 Watt TDP. The "H" parts with GT4 graphics and 128 MB of eDRAM will have 45 Watt TDP. All "H" processors will work with DDR4 memory at up to 2133 MHz data rates.

There will be three main configurations of "S" desktop parts: 2 CPU cores with GT2 graphics, 4 CPU cores with GT2 graphics, and 4 CPU cores with GT4 graphics and 64 MB of eDRAM. All configurations will be available with 35 Watt and 65 Watt TDP options. Quad-core processors with GT2 GPU will be also available with 95 Watt TDP. The "S" CPUs will support DDR3L/DDR3L-RS memory (up to 1600 MHz), and DDR4 memory (up to 2133 MHz).

The "H", "U" and "Y" models will be produced in three different types of BGA packages, and some of them will support configurable TDP. The "S" CPUs will use socket 1151 LGA package.

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There are 2 comments posted

PCH on package or on die?

2014-06-27 12:54:25
Posted by: meepmeep


Is the Skylake PCH going to be on-package or actually on-die for SKL-U and SKL-Y?

Thank you.


2014-06-27 13:14:02
Posted by: gshv

It will be on a separate die on the same package. I corrected the story.

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