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The list of the most visited pages of microprocessors and microprocessor families on this site is based on the last seven days of website's log data. For the "Most popular processors" list we count accesses from unique visitors to CPU's HTML page. For the "Most popular families" list we count accesses from unique visitors to all pages within CPU family. The list is updated weekly.

The number in parenthesis is the last week's place of the same processor/family.

Dec 15, 2007: AMD K8 family still takes second place, and I don't think it will replace K7 family in the next few months. Still, there are more and more visitors looking at K8 pages every month, so my estimate is that K8 will bypass K7 family in the second half of 2008. Hopefully, when more Phenom processors are released, the K10 family will appear in the chart too.

The chart of most popular individual CPUs has changed - it includes now two Pentium 4 microprocessors, one Core 2 and one CPU from K8 family. While popularity of K7 microprocessors is still very high, I can predict that more and more Ahtlon 64 and other K8 processors will appear in the chart in 2008.

Jul 29, 2007: K8 CPU family takes second place now, and I doubt that any other family will bypass it anytime soon - it has 50% more page views than Pentium 4 family, which takes third place. Like last week, the Core 2 family takes sixth place. I'm planning to put descriptions of individual Core 2 sub-families, and possibly add Core 2 micro-architecture page, so I hope that by the end of this year this family will move up one or two places.

The chart of most popular individual CPUs is almost the same as all previous months. Majority of processors in the chart are Athlon XP CPUs. It's nice to see Intel Q6600 CPU in this chart - hopefully it's a trend and we'll see more Intel processors in the chart in the future.

Feb 18, 2007: Pentium 4 family now takes second place, thanks to a series of recent updates to Pentium 4 pages. I suspect this won't last long because I'm almost done with Pentium 4, and sometime in the middle of this week I will start working on AMD K8 family again. My goal would be to add all missing K8 processors, including Mobile Athlon 64, Opteron and Turion CPUs.

As always, the second chart of most popular individual CPUs is dominated by Athlon XP processors. There are ony four non-Athlon XP CPUs there, though they also belong to K7 family. The most popular non-K7 processors in the second chart are: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz - RK80532PC056512 (32th place) and Intel Pentium III 1000 - RB80526PZ001256 (34th place).

Jan 21, 2007: Not much changed in the charts. K7 is still the first, and K8 is the second. There is a big difference in page views between K7 and K8, so I don't think that K8 will pass K7 any time soon. Intel Core 2 family hovers around 10th place. I hope that its position will improve after I put more data on mobile Core 2 Duo processors.

Oct 27, 2006: K8 family takes now 4th place, and Core 2 takes 11th place. Core 2 is still missing data on mobile processors, and K8 is missing data on Athlon 64 X2, Opteron and Mobile Athlon 64/Turion CPUs. More updates are coming to these families, so I'm sure that both families will continue to climb up in the charts. The "most popular processors" chart didn't change match - some Athlon XP processors ar moving up and down, but as before there are only a few non-Athlon XP microprocessors in the chart.

Oct 10, 2006: Addition of Athlon 64 family helped K8 family to move higher in the charts. Data on Athlon 64 FX and Athlon 64 X2 microprocessors will be added in the next two weeks, so I expect that the K8 family will move even higher. There are no other significant changes in the charts. The chart of most popular processors shows some processors more than once. There are, for example, two lines with AXDA2600DKV4D. Something wrong with a chart generation script. I'll leave it as it is this time, and will fix the script before the next update.

Sep 14, 2006: As expected, K8 CPU family is slowly moving up. The K8 family page now has information on desktop and mobile Semprons, and information on Athlon 64 processors will be added in the coming weeks. Core 2 Duo disappeared from the chart completely, possibly because a link to Core 2 Duo page was removed from site's front page. I have a feeling we'll see Core 2 family in the chart again, as I'm planning to add in the near future information on Core 2 Mobile processors.

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