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QBC1 (Intel Core 2.6 GHz)

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QBC1 specifications

General information
TypeCPU / Microprocessor
FamilyIntel Core i7 Mobile Extreme Edition
Part numberAW8063801161000
Frequency (GHz)  ? 2.6
Clock multiplier  ? 26
Package type988-pin micro-FCPGA
Socket typeSocket G2 (rPGA988B)
Architecture / Microarchitecture / Other
Core steppingC0
Processor coreIvy Bridge
Manufacturing technology (micron)0.022
Number of cores4
L2 cache size (MB)  ? 1
L3 cache size (MB)8
EM64T technology  ? 
Hyper-Threading technology
Virtualization technology
Thermal Design Power (Watt)  ? 55
Notes on sSpec QBC1
  • Engineering sample.

Additional Information about QBC1

2013-03-02 04:50:46
Posted by: Victor

Max TURBO Multiplier with 1/2/3/4 Cores is 32x/31x/30x/30x
GPU (HD4000) frequency: 650Mhz-1050MHz

Strange CPU. At stock slower than 3610QM. Bad Turboboost behavior

2013-03-07 08:24:23
Posted by: Dmytro (James D)

I approve what is written above. It is shown like 3720QM ES in CPU-z but it is way not 3720QM.
I wish Viktor wrote this a week earlier:(
I identified thi CPU for you CPU-WORLD using your tool. cgi-bin/

Strange CPU. At stock slower than 3610QM. Bad Turboboost behavior

just same as 3920xm 3940xm

2014-01-23 22:45:19
Posted by: cpu mania

This is just the same xm cpu but early stepping.
Stock clock is lower than the brother 3920 or 3940xm, but who cares about stock clock when using extreme cpu.

Multiplier overclock is unlocked, L3 cache is 8mb, TDP is 55w, which is exactly same is 3920 or 3940xm CPU.

Used it for 2months with 4.1 4.1 4.1 4.1 clock. No BSOD. Rock-stable.

Worth getting it if one can for it is much cheaper than oem xm cpus.

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