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SL6DU (Intel Pentium 4 2.267 GHz)

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SL6DU specifications

General information
TypeCPU / Microprocessor
FamilyIntel Pentium 4
Part numberBX80532PE2266D
Frequency (GHz)  ? 2.267
Bus speed (MHz)  ? 533
Clock multiplier  ? 17
Package type478-pin FC-PGA2
Socket typeSocket 478 (mPGA478B)
Architecture / Microarchitecture / Other
Core steppingC1
Processor coreNorthwood
Manufacturing technology (micron)0.13
Number of cores1
L2 cache size (KB)  ? 512
Core voltage (V)  ? 1.5
Case temperature (°C)  ? 70
There are no notes on sSpec SL6DU

Related S-Spec numbers

In addition to the SL6DU S-Spec, this processor was also manufactured with a few production and pre-production S-Spec numbers:

SteppingS-Spec RK80532PE051512 BX80532PE2260D BX80532PE2266D
B0 QLQ3 +    
SL67Y +   +
SL683     +
SL6D6 +   +
SL6ET     +
C1 QVP0 +    
SL6DU +   +
SL6EE     +
SL6RY +   +
D1 SL6PB +   +
SL6Q7     +
M0 SL7V9 + + +

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